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"Chris, Erica, Donna - I now see why it took so much time and effort to get this all together. You’ve all done an amazing job and there’s no way I would have met a quarter of this detail had I tried it on my own. Thanks."

- Client feedback, September 2018

"Hi Donna. Thank you so much. Stunning job ... It is great to be able to have such a great talent pool at Plan A to help us out with these short timeframes."

- Client feedback, June 2018

"Kerrie / Chris – Once again I have had the pleasure of working with Plan A and once again you have produced excellent documents.  The work put in by both of you is amazing, we would not be submitted such a high quality tender document tomorrow if not for your efforts.

Thank you very much for everything and I have really enjoyed working with you once again. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

- Australian client feedback, May 2018

"Alec and Christina were awesome to work with. Absolute delight. Hope to work with them again. We won the tender, what more can I say!"

- Client feedback, November 2017

"We have just been advised we were awarded the contract. We were also advised that our tender was the strongest one presented and set the benchmark!!!  So we are very happy here today and very happy with our decision to have you involved in our tender writing."

- Client feedback, July 2017

"Again, thank you all for your huge dedication to another crazy tender timeframe. Your willingness to continually work above and beyond is truly fabulous and appreciated – I know I’ve said this a lot over the past while, please know it really is meant."

– Client feedback, August 2017

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