Senior Consultant
BE (Hons) Dip.Min.Pro.

“I have never seen better. A high quality, professional submission well and cleverly written.”

- Auckland-based-telecommunications industry services client

Working as a Senior Consultant within Plan A since 2010, Alec has written and managed hundreds of significant tenders for companies in a wide range of sectors. He joined Plan A with more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and business communications, mostly in the Information Technology sector.

Alec's degree in Mining Engineering provides a valuable technical background that helps him to create compelling cases and tenders, using information provided by clients that's often complex and challenging.

His time as a professional copy writer for an Information Technology-focused publisher provided him with the skills to interpret unstructured concepts and thoughts and turn them into coherent, compelling arguments.

Latterly, as a marketing and communications professional, Alec developed the customer perspective that enables him to present cases that align the capabilities of his client with the particular needs and concerns of the reader, whether a potential buyer or tender evaluator.

With his wide-ranging analytical and investigative background, Alec has a special ability to tease out the special characteristics of his clients’ capabilities that differentiate them from the competition.

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