Cathy’s knack of getting to the heart of a proposal means she can readily articulate a compelling value proposition for her clients – demonstrated on a number of tenders including in the fields of infrastructure and healthcare.

With a background primarily in IT security and project management, Cathy spent the 17 years before joining Plan A in IT management and consulting roles. During this time, she worked for a wide range of organisations, including central government, telecommunications, utilities and insurance. She has successfully written all kinds of documentation, including technical policies, programme communications plans, and strategic blueprints.

A doctoral degree in English literature shows Cathy’s love of the English language, a love which is clearly in evidence in her creation of clear and compelling tender documents. She prides herself on her ability to tell a story, and to take her reader along with her on the journey.

Her calm, unflappable demeanour means that she takes tight deadlines in her stride, and always delivers a top quality result.

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