Annual Report and Information Memorandum Writing

Should I sell these shares or keep them? Should I buy them or not?

Your company's Annual Report may well be the most important decider for your shareholders.

Whether you have great news to tell on your financial results, or you need to minimise the impact of some disappointing results, the right words can make all the difference.

Your company most likely has two different kinds of investors - institutional investors, and 'Mom and Pop' investors.

The kind of information that each of these types of investors needs to keep them engaged is different.

Institutional investors focus on detailed financial interpretation of your situation and strategies, while Mom and Pop often want to know more about the tangible and operational results and prospects your company faces.

Putting together the Annual Report is usually a headache for your CFO and their team – let Plan A help you.

Plan A's experienced Annual Report writers have post-graduate qualifications in business – this gives them the understanding to work with your CEO, Chairman and CFO to interpret your financials to tell the right story to your shareholders.

We'll work with graphic designers – yours or ours – and coordinate, write, review, proof, and edit the information to make sure that the Annual Report gives the right messages to the right people.

And keeps your shareholders engaged.

We've written Annual Reports for companies and organisations such as:

  • Skellerup
  • Infrastructure Auckland
  • Nuplex
  • Vertex
  • Pod (formerly Designer Textiles)

Contact Us now to talk about how our Annual Report writing team can take the load off this year's Annual Report preparation.