While we’d love to be able to tell you more about our clients, naturally we operate with extremely high levels of discretion and confidentiality. The following case studies describe actual projects we have worked on – but without identifying specific clients.

Industrial services contractor

“Another special thanks to you for your unparalleled expertise and ‘dream-style approach’ you have to making this process so easy!”

A specialist in their field, this company works in extremely hazardous environments to deliver time-constrained projects for their customers in New Zealand and North America.

Since 2011, the Plan A team has developed an in-depth understanding of their business, including their operating procedures, competitive advantage, and the challenges facing their particular industry.

Even when faced with short deadlines, Plan A has worked closely with this client to respond to tenders – often managing different time zones and multiple inputs to produce winning bids. As a result of Plan A’s involvement, this customer has won contracts worth several million dollars, and expanded their business into new territories.

A key benefit for our client has been the ability to ‘switch on’ Plan A’s help when needed, and avoid the overhead of in-house expert writing resources. Over the past six years we’ve completed over 20 writing projects for them – from website copy, to conference presentations, to tender responses for multi-million dollar contracts. The service we have provided has been extremely cost-effective, at an average cost of $3,900 per project.


Top-tier audio visual design and fit out company

Over the past five years, we have worked closely with this company to develop many winning tenders. The objective has been to secure majority market share in high-end corporate AV design and fit out projects throughout New Zealand by producing tender documentation that demonstrates their professionalism and differentiates them from their competitors.

Initially, our challenge was in demonstrating the value that a professional bid writing service can deliver, over and above the traditional approach of using in-house technical managers to write their tenders. Once these benefits were clear and the company was submitting proposals that put them head and shoulders above their competition, the client wanted to push the boat out further.

For this company, really understanding their clients is key. They are committed to long-term relationships that are underpinned by thoughtful, whole-of-life solutions and value for money. For them, it is about the ‘why’, not the ‘what’ which was put to the test on our most recent project: a tender with “fewer words, more visuals and clear messages”.

Working with one of our graphic designers, we mapped out a series of diagrams and infographics that would resonate with the client without compromising their branding. There were two types of visuals:

  • Infographics where we aligned the client and their customer’s values and approach
  • Process flow diagrams where instead of a lengthy methodology, we provided a visual which showed how quality was embedded into all phases of delivery.

The result of our fresh approach was a shorter-than-usual but far punchier bid full of messages that made the customer feel both understood and valued. This is an excellent example of how a small business can differentiate themselves from competitors via a professional bid that has clear win themes, is well structured, written and evidenced with benefits clearly explained. 


Transport and infrastructure

“No way we could have completed this one without you. You’ve been tremendous through this entire process.”

Plan A’s four-month involvement in this major bid required a highly responsive and client-focused approach. After being engaged part-way through the bid process, and working within a JV arrangement between a New Zealand organisation and an international party, we quickly came ‘up to speed’ on this complex tender.

We worked closely with the Bid Engineering Director to capture win strategy and prepare a 100-page bid response, supported by multiple maintenance management plans. Key to delivering a compelling bid was our ability to capture mission-critical information and write content from scratch which aligned with and reflected the bid win themes.


Major roading PPP

“Not sure who hired Heather to be part of your team, but wanted to make sure you realised how great she is, she is helpful, professional, hard-working, and so easy to work with.  I'm singing her praises!”

Plan A was engaged by a shortlisted consortium to manage and develop their section of a complex and multi-faceted PPP tender (Public-Private Partnership). The consortium included a large team of international and local constructors, designers, asset management specialists, financiers and others.

Plan A was engaged when the bid was underway so our team had to embed themselves as part of an already established team of 150+ within the bid office and quickly get up to speed.

The success of the submission depended on close collaboration with the multiple workstreams to ensure a cohesive bid was developed over a five-month period. This included participating in many strategy and planning workshops and meetings, researching and developing content and assisting with bid production. 

With a multi-cultural, multi-disciplined team, we needed to ensure all parties were understood and their expectations and wishes were covered throughout thousands of pages of bid attributes as well as many management plans. We developed content primarily through facilitating workshops and interviews. Fortunately, our client was deeply committed to a successful outcome on this bid, so the review process was well supported and robust.

The Asset Management section of the bid was the top scoring section in this winning bid. This was due to a committed, close knit team who did not see themselves as individual companies but a key contributors to a common goal of winning the contract.

The highly successful outcome of this bid is testament to the skills in the Plan A team. From project management, through to developing management plans, CVs, methodology and the executive summary, our team had it covered. Nearly every person in our business touched this project in one way or another and we are very proud of the outcome.