Operations Manager
BA (Law and International Relations)

“Heather is an outstanding individual to work with. She is extremely competent with tenders also has remarkable talent in being able to take in technical detail. We notice with our tenders she becomes very passionate in the process to the point of actually taking ownership of the tender. She also has very good ideas of her own, is an extremely good listener and is very robust with suppliers who can often be difficult to receive information from. We would place Heather as among the smartest and most professional tender writers we have ever worked with.”

- Senior Projects Leader, Water treatment company

Whether it is assisting a small business to achieve a game-changing contract or working on the largest PPP infrastructure contract in New Zealand, Heather always delivers. Her thorough understanding of tendering processes has resulted in a strong reputation amongst her clients and tender evaluation teams as a highly professional writer and collaborative project manager on large and demanding tender projects. 

Heather's experience in business and tender writing covers a wide range of sectors, including construction, mining, engineering, social services, health and hospitality. Since 2009 she has worked within the demanding tendering environment which has built and tested her ability to keep a cool head under pressure; understand and reinforce the strategic objectives of the project; and maintain attention to detail to ensure every requirement is met.

As Operations Manager at Plan A she has a key role in sales, client relationship management, induction and training of staff and plays a large part of our cross-team quality assurance processes. She has outstanding strengths in managing multiple projects and driving the excellent quality standards that our clients appreciate.

Heather also has solid skills and experience in writing marketing collateral and other business-related material, developed over several years of working on significant projects for blue chip companies in South Africa. 


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