Our clients include:

  • Civil construction contractors
  • Engineering consultancies
  • Facilities maintenance and cleaning firms
  • Health and social services providers
  • IT and telecommunications organisations
  • Professional services advisory firms
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Niche sectors
  • Multinational organisations
  • Clients based in NZ, Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa

Our clients' customers include:

  • NZ Transport Agency and their consultants
  • Local Government
  • Government departments and organisations (such as Ministry of Health, ACC, Ministry of Education, Department of Corrections, Ministry of Social Development, NZ Defence Force)
  • Corporates of all sizes  in all sorts of sectors (including consumer brands, hospitality, and professional services)
  • Multinational Organisations and Funding Agencies

What Our Clients Say About Us

… on Tender Proposals and Presentations

“Anna did a great job pulling everything together. It wasn’t easy as she had limited access to content. I am very pleased with how it all came together”.

"Hi Kirsty. You have done a phenomenal job on this document – very impressive. I will take over from now. Thank you so much for your commitment - please enjoy a well-deserved rest this afternoon."

"Thanks Chris, I cannot image the stress you were all under yesterday and again I can’t say enough how much of a support it is to work with Plan A.  I hope you are able to have a few days of R & R. And I can’t wait for a positive result!!"

"Hi Donna. I just want to thank you for the outstanding work and commitment given the change in the submission date.  The quality of the submission is outstanding and the fact that you’ve have been able to get this to us, in such a shorten timeframe is a testimony to your professionalism and you have exceeded our expectations."

"A big THANK YOU from us on helping us with the bid. We cannot express enough the gratitude we have for your support through some very stressful times. This project was very important to us as it was a client who we thought would never contract outside their existing relationship – yet are now willing to go on this journey with us."

"It’s been a huge effort, but the result is tremendous. Thanks so much to everyone, and especially Chris and Erica from Plan A – who did a great job and maintained a sense of humour towards the wire!"

"We've worked with most of the other bid writers around, and the feedback from around here is that Plan A is head and shoulders above the rest – both in terms of the quality of the inputs to our tenders, and in how easy your team is to work with.

It's also invaluable to us that your team is large enough and their writing is consistent quality so you can to upscale your inputs quickly if we need extra help to meet a tender deadline."

"Your work is legendary, I love the language you use and the way you bring it together from such a loose briefing conversation, nice work, I'll recommend your services whenever I have the chance."

“Now I know why I outsource to experts, it looks great, and yes please – a copy of your tidied up Word version of the Environmental Plan (including the extra bits you suggest) would be appreciated.”

"Of hundreds of tenders that I evaluate, this is by far the best document we have ever received. It's accurate, cohesive. and it was easy to find the answers to all our requirements. In fact, I can't think of any way you could have improved it. Despite being more expensive, your proposal was a clear 200 points ahead of the others and we are delighted to award the contract to you!" [Evaluator feedback]

"I would not hesitate in recommending the Plan A team to any company seeking a proactive, energetic and professional approach to the documentation compilation and management of a civil works tender."

"The Evaluation Team said that our proposal and supplementary response were by far the best that they had received. It clearly demonstrated that we had read the RFP thoroughly, taken pains to understand it, and answered the questions in a clear and easy-to-understand way. 

Compared to the others – who tended to be confused – ours was head and shoulders above the rest.

And our presentation this morning was the best that they have seen."

"Just thought you’d like to know how we got on with the bid. Unfortunately we just missed out by a whisker on pricing, but the interesting thing is, we won every single attribute score, and we were up against some major competition. A great team effort - thank you for responding when we needed you at such short notice!!”

"The comments from the Council re the document were fantastic. It was clearly streets ahead of all the others, was relevant and extremely professional. A huge thanks for giving us such a great document to present. Cheers"

"Our company has won the first major contract covered by the tender.
We received very positive feedback on the document submitted and there is no doubt that this has contributed to the success of these tenders. On at least one tender you have prepared, we were not the lowest tender, but yet were successful on the strength of the non-price attribute submission.
Assessment panel commented informally that they were very impressed with the submission. Added that we "tugged on the right strings" with our understanding of the operational requirements and our proposal for adding value."


… on Annual Reports and Plans

I can’t express how glad I am that you guys are helping write the Annual Report. You have interpreted the company’s objectives brilliantly and the report reads so well! We’ve had great feedback from the Board.”

"We are appreciative of the quality and timely manner in which you carried out you assignment with us. We have had some positive feed back on the annual report. All we need to do now is live up to the markets expectations!”

"Over the weekend I had the opportunity to read the Annual Report which Richard kindly sent to me.
I think the report is excellent - it is clear and precise and states its case with confidence and understated firmness. I enjoyed reading the document and I found the information well-ordered and well presented.”

…on Training Programmes and Manuals

"Just wanted to say that you were a hit yesterday, thank you. The team are raving about you today!

I just sent an e-mail out thanking them for their participation etc. and WOW, all have said the course was excellent and learning heaps and relevant for their requirements!"

- Auckland Transport

"Well, we got the feedback from the boss, and you know he is not given to making extravagant comments. Anyhow, when he looked at the training workbook, he just went quiet, then said… “Wow! … That’s…. Wow!.... That’s amazing!”

We’re just thrilled with the result, it’s going to be awesome. Thanks you so much for what you’ve done”

"We ran the first courses for the training over the past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d give you some feedback. Des found the Trainer’s Guide an amazing improvement on the old one. In fact, the trainers liked it so much that Gael has been asking me if she can please run the next course – she’s suddenly a whole lot more enthusiastic!
They found the activities really interactive, and both the trainers and their groups wanted to keep on going even when the session time was up. They were really absorbed in the activities, and Des said there were no yawns in the group even in the after lunch session!
They got to focus on what they needed and the structure in the workbook was helpful. The group liked completing the information in their workbooks.
We’re really happy with the programme – it’s worked out even better than we had hoped. Thanks so much for all your hard work.”