Business Continuity Plans – help at last!

"If you fail to plan, then plan to fail!"

Do you need a Business Continuity Plan or a Disaster Recovery Plan, but don't know where to start?

The threat of interruptions to your essential operations in the event of a fire, power outage, earthquake, tsunami or even a key person being suddenly unavailable is real.

Having comprehensive, well structured plans to get your business back to normal asap could mean the difference between your business surviving ... or going belly up.

Most businesses recognise that a good Business Continuity Plan is an extremely important safeguard for their future. But it's hard to find the time alongside your Day Job, or to know what to put into your plan. There are templates online, but mostly they are not appropriate for your specific business. Sound familiar?

It's a big relief that the team at Plan A is here to help.

Our experienced consultants/ writers will build on any existing information you have, or write it from scratch. We'll work alongside you and your people to identify the critical areas of your business that need to be covered, to keep your business running.

We'll capture that information in a plan that's specific to your business, easy to understand, and – most importantly – easy to implement immediately when disaster strikes.

You'll have peace of mind that you have planned effectively for the main risks that your business could face, and you have given your business the best chance of recovery, should an unexpected disaster happen.

To discuss how to approach your Business Continuity Plan to protect your business's future, click here, and we'll be in touch.