Peer Review, Proof Reading, and Editing

So you're preparing a major document for an important audience.

It's a challenging task to ensure it's logical, well structured, and gives the right messages to your audience.

If you've developed most of the content, you'll usually find it's hard to review it independently.

Plan A is here to help you, with skilled and experienced business writers to give your document the professional edge it needs, to convince your audience.

We write, peer review, structure, proof read, format, and edit all kinds of important documents to maximise the impact of your message. These include:

  • Strategic and operational plans
  • Long Term Council Community Plans
  • Local government Annual Plans
  • Reports to government authorities
  • Business plans
  • Company profiles, brochures and website copy
  • Funding proposals and applications

Because all our writers are tertiary qualified and experienced in business, we offer proven, professional peer review services. We'll:

  • Find any inconsistencies and correct them
  • Structure your document so its argument and messages develop logically
  • Make the language simple, direct and powerful
  • Format it so that it's easy to read and understand
  • Improve the readability of documents written by second language English speakers
  • Ensure the grammar and spelling are 100% perfect

To make sure your significant document gets its message across powerfully and professionally, contact Plan A to manage the peer review process for you.